Skillman trusts in Youth.

Youngsters are the backbone in the development of society and their engagement is crucial for the future of our communities.  The ultimate achievements of youth empowerment translate into youth participation in effective and democratic governance, youth engagement in building resilience and a tangible focus on youth-oriented topics in our future political development agenda. 

The Skillman Youth forum  is created to focus on  youth opportunities and needs  and it offers an open and inclusive platform for youth-centered organizations to:

  • Create

     a common environment for debate, participation and discussion regarding crucial themes related to youth education, youth democratic participation and policies;

  • Brainstorm

     on new ideas for joint innovative projects and initiatives;

  • Exchange

     knowledge for peer learning and development purposes;

  • Increase

     relevant professional connections to achieve strong and long-lasting project partnerships.

Main features

♣  We foster  cooperation among stakeholders
♣  We boost  joint strategies and co-design for a participatory approach to initiatives and project
♣  We define  an annual work plan
♣  We adopt  a shared workspace for active collaboration

Join the forum

Skillman's mission on Youth translates into  empowering youngsters, mobilizing stakeholders  to hear their voices and needs,  creating new vocational training paths and learning opportunities facilitating their entry to the labour market .

The Skillman Youth Forum pulls together the power of youth organizations and of the young people they represent around the world, by engaging in peer discussions, brainstorming better ways of empowering youngsters and creating fruitful partnerships for future youth-oriented EU projects.

Share your experience, learn from others, step up with your organization and  be the protagonist of the future of TVET .