What are the skills needed for the future of manufacturing?

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for the emerging skills  in Advanced Manufacturing

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In a context of demographic transitions, internationalization of job markets, and transformation towards information and knowledge-based society, the SKILLNET alliance seeks to  empower Vocational Education and Training providers and stakeholders to thrive . Increasing openness, flexibility, complexity, and uncertainty are key characteristics that will define the future of manufacturing, and overcoming such challenges will require a  constant flow of ideas .

Keeping this in mind, in 2019 we established the  Skillman Peer Learning Clubs , four focus groups of experts from different backgrounds (TVET providers, companies, government representatives, and individuals) who engage regularly in the discussion of four TVET-related topics through online and on-site activities, with a bottom-up approach.

The four topics are:

PLC1 - Advanced Manufacturing Sector (sectoral dimension)
PLC2 - Advocacy & Policy Influencing (empowerment and social equity dimension)
PLC3 - Work-based learning and standards (QA and curricular dimension)
PLC4 - Train the trainers (operational dimension)

 Sectorial dimension

PLC1 - Advanced Manufacturing Sector    

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 Empowerment & social equity

PLC2 - Advocacy & Policy Influencing   

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 QA & curricular dimension

PLC3 - Work-Based Learning and standards    

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 Operational dimension

PLC4 - Train the trainers   

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Join the Skillman peer learning clubs and become the protagonist of the TVET scenery

You will:

  • hold the stage in events with main representatives of the European Commission and other supranational organizations

  • be one of the main keynote speakers at SIF 2020

  • acquire visibility and recognition within an engaged community of professionals

  • receive special mentions in sector-focused research papers, magazines and

  • websites

  • share your ideas on relevant topics with an elitist audience of selected worldwide

  • experts

  • contribute to shape the main trends of the future of TVET and skills in AM

Four position papers published