Tuscany, 24-26 June 2024



Join us in Tuscany

The Summit is a part of a long journey where the participants work together to achieve common goals aiming at improving education and TVET.

The participants share a strong commitment in co-shaping an inclusive, resilient and sustainable society, where TVET represents a pillar for innovation in curricula development and designing the “society of tomorrow”.

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Twenty-four members will meet in Florence, Italy, on xx-xx April 2024 to finalise the outcomes of  SIF 2023  and to set the vision of the Alliance on which SIF 2024 will be based. 

Participants will take the first results of the Alliance's efforts and discuss their further upgrading to make the Alliance stronger!





 It was a totally amazing experience and being able to exchange ideas and develop these ideas for the future was just a totally fantastic opportunity. 

I think we can really go far with the way that we see and review how we see education

 Julian NG • IVETA President

One of the main issues is health and well-being of students, employees, employers and Skillman brings that to the fore, teaching people how to cope in emergency situations across the globe.
It's not just about academia, it's about our vocation, our vocational skills.

Dr Pamela Hatton  • Psychologist and psychotherapist