From home to Europe! is a project designed with a great focus on local sustainability as an essential engine of a broader European community feeling.

    General objectives of the action:

    • Contribute to the increase in employment at local and European level

    • Contribute to the reduction of social inequality

    • Promote the implementation of the 2030 Agenda

    Specific objectives of the action:
    - Train adult trainers in the importance of local development to boost economies and societies, and its role in the 2030 Agenda and in the SDGs.
    - Disseminate the necessary processes to undertake in a sustainable and local way.
    - Educate adult trainers about the basic local needs needed to set up a common European strategy.
    - Inform the adult educators of each participating country and other European organisations of the different local initiatives and projects with regional, national and European impact.
    - Emphasise the importance of migration in the development of communities and in cultural enrichment in Europe.
    Educate youth workers on the opportunities presented by local development for the
    reduction of inequalities and the generation of sustainable employment.
    - Promote the feeling of the local and European community.

    With the development of new educational material on local and European development, the trainers of the organisations involved in the project will acquire new quality resources to train the students in local development. This material will include a special section devoted to the importance of migratory movements as a basis for the local, cultural and social development of the regions, thus contributing to inclusion of a group as vulnerable as migrants. In addition, various opportunities for learning to the final target audience, adult students, collect these not only entrepreneurial skills but also real opportunities and projects that are taking place locally in their communities and whose main purpose is the social welfare of the people in their community. This way, both trainers who receive the course and the final target audience that participates in the workshops will discover new opportunities for civic participation both at local and European level.

    The main results to be achieved are:

    • An expert course on local development, Agenda 2030 and skills to undertake locally

    • A guide with different social development projects at local and European level in each of the participating regions

    • A face-to-face training in Italy to present the course, and test its implementation

    • Three multiplier events with local workshops with adult students (1 in each country) to present the course and guide


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