Peer Learning Club 1 position paper

To raise the quality and attractiveness of the TVET provision, the Skillman Alliance coordinates the activities of general debate, collection and circulation of relevant information, activating peer counselling effects, mutual learning, and cooperation within the Peer Learning Club 1.

This Peer Learning Club focuses on the Advanced Manufacturing sector, pinpointing and analyzing challenges related to skills adaptation and anticipation, stakeholder relations, and innovation, which are already affecting the industry of today and shaping the scenery of tomorrow.

As the outcome of the joint work of the members of this club, a review will be created and published online in the format of PDF document under the ISBN number: 9788887156157

Authors: Giovanni Crisonà, Valentina De Vico, Federica Labbadia, Julian Ng, Elena Romanini, Richard Pagett, Antonio Fernandez Perez, Luis De La Torre, Albert Obeng, Biplab Bikash Paulchoudhury, Nasir Ahmad Tasal, Sayed Saad Mohamed.