High quality learning and training opportunities represent the leverage for aware citizens and properly prepared workers. The new    European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience,    recently published, has introduced A    Pact for Skills   , for increasing the resilience of people and their capacity to face the emerging challenges. The Pact for Skills will bring together all stakeholders, private and public, which share the objective of    up- and reskilling Europe’s workforce    to enable people to participate in the    twin transitions, green and digital transformations.    All these stakeholders will sign a Charter, which will define the key principles that are essential to up- and reskill the workforce, within their organisations but also across their value chain or ecosystem. The Charter will be co-created with stakeholders. Skillman network will support this process as a worldwide stakeholders network through    direct involvement   , among others,    of   Youth organizations   , with the aim of increasing the responsiveness of the education system as a whole.