Youth policy partnerships
(September 2nd, 10:00/11:15 CET)

Background and focus: 

A renewed EU Youth Strategy proposed by the European Commission suggests the importance of Engaging, Connecting, and Empowering young people across the European region within new policy frameworks. This webinar engages experts to establish partnerships on youth policies that will contribute to creating more opportunities for youngsters in future projects.

On September 2nd, the Skillman Alliance, in cooperation with the European Training Foundation, hosted the “Youth Policy Partnerships webinar. This was the fifth webinar on EU funding opportunities led by Skillman and co-organized with the Assembly of European Regions within the Skillnet project framework (co-founded by the Eramus+ Programme), in order to gather experts and practitioners in the field of TVET to exchange experience, network, and establish fruitful partnerships to be applied to future project opportunities.

The webinar served as a great occasion to fuel discussions and exchange practices on how youth can be concretely “engaged, connected and empowered” as foreseen by the European Youth Strategy, as well as to lunch the newly established Skillman Youth Forum, a Basecamp platform where youth experts (TVET providers, academic staff, policy and decision-makers, representatives from youth organisations, other stakeholders, and especially youth themselves)  can debate about youth-related challenges and co-design joint-solutions and joint-activities through knowledge sharing and peer learning.

The online event included inspiring contributions from a panel of experts in the field. In his introductory speech, Giovanni Crisonà, Skillman President, highlighted the major constraints that young people are facing starting from the unfavourable economic conjunction resulting from the financial crisis to the unknown and unpredictable post-covid era. Accordingly, the need and willingness is to establish transnational and horizontal (involving all the major actors concerned) partnerships to draw solutions and reforms through an holistic approach.

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Youth policy partnerships
SECRETARIAT 2 September, 2020
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