Lifelong learning: Up-skilling and reskilling 50+
(October 21st, 10:00/11:15 CET)

Background and focus: 

This webinar aims at bridging the gap between the need for up-skilling and reskilling and will highlight some relevant regional examples. In a context of rapidly changing labour markets, the upskilling and reskilling of adults has become a priority. Technological changes and digitalisation require new skills, while many regions in Europe are faced with both an ageing population and labour and skills shortages.

People over 50 oftentimes are not the target group approached for the majority of employers and there is a consistent association between ageing and reduced participation in learning. Therefore, there is a need for training and retraining people over 50 to make them able to re-enter the labour market. Effective social inclusion and employment policies require strong and regularly updated skill foundations.

The objectives of the webinar are: 

  • share regional good practice on upskilling and reskilling and encourage people to educate themselves  
  • foster networking between experts in the field of lifelong learning and other interested parties






Lifelong learning: Up-skilling and reskilling 50+
SECRETARIAT 21 October, 2020
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