Digitalising Education (from the perspective of school management)
(April 12th, 15:00/16:00 CET)

The COVID19 pandemic forced educational providers and governments into knee-jerk reactions to find alternative ways to continue education while maintaining social distance.

The immediate option was to turn to online education, or rather transform existing classroom-based classes into online equivalents.

A lot of resources were put into getting the right platforms for delivery, creating online lessons, and training all stakeholders for the new ‘reality’.

Priority was given to key stakeholders such as students and teachers, but school management was often an afterthought. Now that the dust has settled a little, we can look at how schools cope as a whole, and what management should be focusing on in terms of digitalising their education – everything from curriculum design to assessment management.

Join us by clicking on the following link.

Below is made available the agenda of the event that will be updated shortly.



Digitalising Education (from the perspective of school management)
SECRETARIAT 22 February, 2022
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