Skillman Network at Show21Future

In this episode, Giovanni Crisonà and Urs Hauenstein discuss how the concept of lifelong learning influences the approach to change in the working environment.



JULIAN NG   President-elect, IVETA

Julian Ng is a management consultant and trainer by profession. He is CEO of the Warnborough Education Group and President-Elect of the International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA). Areas of expertise include quality assurance and management (he is a certified lead auditor), creative thinking, leadership and teambuilding, and education management (including learning methodologies).


VANIA NETO -  Microsoft Education Skills & Learning Lead for Western Europe

Vânia Neto is currently Microsoft Education Skills & Learning Lead for Western Europe, responsible for the Education Skilling strategy and the relationship with Education Institutions, Faculty, Educators and Students. She is deeply involved the AI Skills initiatives developed at Western Europe, as well as the agenda for Digital Skills, supporting Europe’s Digital Transition goals.


GIOVANNI CRISONA' -  Skillman Leader

Mr. Crisonà is an international consultant on capacity building in TVET sector, founder and Managing Director of CSCS Italy and Managing Director of Abuplus International GMBH Germany. Is a “Skill Assessor,” certified by Tuscany Region VET Authority, owns a Vocational Degree as a “Technical Director in industrial engineering” and a Master’s degree in Education.


FILIPPO DEL NINNO  -  Human Capital Development Specialist – European Training Foundation

Filippo Del Ninno is a Human Capital Development Specialist at European Training Foundation (Operations Department). He's specialist in VET Policies and Systems, and  Country Coordinator Macedonia and Moldova 


CLOUD BAI-YUN   Chief Executive at UK NARIC

Dr Cloud Bai-Yun become Chief Executive at UK NARIC in 1997 to effect the initial Ministerial brief to create and implement the UK NARIC services on behalf of the UK’s Government. Under Dr Bai-Yun’s dynamic and pioneering leadership, UK NARIC has been transformed from a low profile, loss-making operation to an internationally recognised and respected leading public service provider.


MASSIMO TEMUSSI  -  Counselor of the Italian Ministry of Labour

Director General of the Regional Planning Center, Massimo Temussi has recently been nominated Counselor of the Italian Ministry of Labour Marina Calderone. Just a year after his appointment as head of the Sardinian Regional Programming Center, he is a consultant to the Minister of Labor and his activity is taking place in close contact with the former president of the Labor Consultants, appointed Minister by the Italian PM Giorgia Meloni.


URS HAUENSTEIN    -  President, International Council for Education and Management (ICEM)

Urs Hauenstein is the President of the International Council of Education and Management (ICEM), the Association of Swiss Quality Competencies and Qualifications (SQCQ), the Institute of Competencies and Qualifications (I-C-Q), the International Network for Accreditation, Recognition and Dissemination (INARD) and the Chair-Network M21Future/E21Future.