SKILLMAN INTERNATIONAL FORUM 2018 Network  launches the yearly online SKILLMAN.EU INTERNATIONAL FORUM 2018 on “Curriculum design, Sectoral skills development and Ethical issues on Advanced Manufacturing sector” – November 29th and 30th 2018.

The SKILLMAN.EU INTERNATIONAL FORUM is an online discussion board where experts from around the world can share information and knowledge about different aspects connected to the Advanced Manufacturing and TVET.

The SKILLMAN.EU INTERNATIONAL FORUM 2018 explores the following dimensions in three parallel sessions:

3 focuses

Sectoral skills development

Interconnection and coordination of actions and results with the existing tools and initiatives for sectoral skills development and for anticipating and matching skills and jobs

Curriculum design

Innovative curriculum design in Advanced Manufacturing sector in coherence with ECVET - EQF framework and ESCO classification and innovative solutions for learning

Ethical values

Connecting the competences necessary for Advanced Manufacturing to the personal responsibility according to the UNESCO 17 goals on sustainable development


discussing and analysing the main challenges faced by the Advanced Manufacturing sector regarding:

  • challenges and new approaches to design new innovative curricula

  • interconnection and coherence of curricula and professional profiles with ECVET – EQF framework and ESCO classification

  • Advanced Manufacturing sector and responsibility according to the UNESCO 17 goals on Sustainable Development

  • social innovation, societal impact, societal challenges and ethical issues

  • policies and initiatives for sectoral skills development anticipating and matching skills and jobs


  • discussing relevant issues in Advanced Manufacturing in relation to VET systems, public policies, research and good practices

  • keeping informed regarding publications and other sources

  • inquiring and share new ideas, materials, suggestions useful for their work

  • finding partners for international projects and cooperation

Participation Instructions

  1. connect to the forum at the following link  SKILLMAN.EU International Forum 2018
  4. choose the theme on which you want to interact (you can participate in all three parallel sessions)
  5. read the stimulus text uploaded from which the discussion starts
  6. write (in English) your own comments, suggestions, analyses, etc. possibly supported by data and references to researches, scientific literature, experiences of good practices, etc.
  7. as soon as the moderator will approve your intervention , your comment will be published and all participants can intervene and discuss it


NB:  The discussions are moderated.

Each intervention will be published  only after  the Forum committee approval in order to protect participants from spam and/or other inappropriate content.  Results of the Forum will contribute to the development of new ideas, project themes, frameworks and innovative solutions in the field of Advanced Manufacturing and VET systems.

The Forum will bring an external perspectives to engage in discussion with stakeholders: please feel free to promote the event through your networks or share details via social media.



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