The Latvian Ministry of Education and Science plays a crucial role in shaping and overseeing the education system in Latvia. As the governing body responsible for education, it formulates policies, develops curricula, and establishes quality standards to ensure the provision of high-quality vocational education throughout the country.


One of the outstanding capacities demonstrated by the Latvian Ministry of Education is its strong commitment to vocational training and the development of vocational education institutions. Latvia boasts a distinguished vocational training system renowned for its exceptional quality and excellence. The ministry collaborates closely with these institutes to promote vocational education as a valuable pathway for students to acquire practical skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the job market.

Participants attending the Skillman International Forum 2023 have a unique opportunity to visit select prestigious vocational training institutes in Latvia. These visits offer firsthand experiences and insights into the institutes' innovative approaches, advanced facilities, and cutting-edge training methods. Participants can witness the high-quality education provided by these institutions and draw inspiration for enhancing vocational training practices in their own countries.

During these institute visits, participants can engage in interactive sessions, observe practical training sessions, and interact with trainers, teachers, and students. This immersive experience allows them to learn from best practices, exchange ideas, and establish international collaborations, further advancing vocational education and training in their respective regions.

Overall, the Latvian Ministry of Education's hosting of the Skillman International Forum 2023 underscores its dedication to promoting vocational education and serves as a platform to showcase the excellence of Latvian vocational training institutes. By providing participants with the opportunity to witness and learn from the high level of quality and innovation present in these institutions, the forum offers valuable insights and inspiration to drive advancements in vocational education worldwide.