Pioneering Educational Standards in Lucca, Italy

Skillman and IVETA, AER, ENNI, EAPRIL, and the European Training Foundation came together in 2021 to form the TVET-ALLIANCE. Since then, the Alliance has played a crucial role in promoting progress in the education sector. By joining forces with top institutions like Liverpool Hope University and Technische University Dortmund, the Alliance has broadened its influence and reach. It is set to convene for a weeklong gathering in Lucca, Italy.

Located in the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy, the summit has a goal of enhancing the Alliance and encouraging a community where TVET can act as a catalyst for innovative educational standards and comprehensive curriculum development. The summit plans to achieve this by providing ample opportunities for matching ideas, supporting policy learning in European integration, and highlighting success stories that have made a difference. Overall, the summit aims to shape the future of TVET as a sector that's responsive and inclusive.


The agenda consists of a range of activities, including tours, meetings, and cultural happenings. The theme of the programme is including Sustainability and Circular Economy, whereby Carla Sabatini, a member of our organization who represents Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile onlus, will be providing support. Participants will have a chance to visit Conceria Antiba Spa and Piaggio, the producer of Vespa. Additionally, there will be moments set aside to deliberate on the strategic planning of the Skillman's future, with a specific focus on the new initiatives on Micro Credentials and digital credentials with the new platform of the skillman network. The event will feature a presentation and emphasis on the initiative, led by Elisa Guidi of Artex Florence, which aims to bring attention to the importance of transmitting traditional crafts knowledge for economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development.

MyVirtuaLab and founder, Pierluigi Giannasi, will contribute to AS2024 by exploring ways to integrate blockchain technology into the platform and its services. Additionally,'s Luca Freschi and's Veronica Guida will join the participants to discuss skillman strategies for social inclusion. 

During the social gatherings, guests can delight in delectable cuisine and live performances from artists, such as Virginia Belvedere, flaute, Irene Betti, harp, Greta Buonamici, voice, on June 5th, and the talented bluesman, Emiliano Degl'innocenti on June 6th.

We believe that the invaluable insights and contributions of the participants will play a pivotal role in shaping the outcomes of the Summit, including finalizing the outcomes of SIF 2023 and setting the vision of the Alliance for SIF 2024. This moment will be instrumental in charting a course towards a more inclusive and equitable future through TVET.

SECRETARIAT 14 May, 2024
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