THE SKILLMAN.EU ALLIANCE leads a strategic alliance with other networks

In November 2019, the Skillman network has founded a horizontal strategic alliance with other networks of which it has become the leader for a policy-making initiative at European level planned for 2020 and 2021. At present, the Alliance includes: Cumulus, one of the world largest international network of universities and design schools, based in Finland; Eapril, the network of university professors; IVETA the worldwide network of vocational training institutions and experts of TVET, based in the USA and AER, the Assembly of European Regions.

The Skillman Alliance is constituted to gather the demands from the bottom, from companies and professionals in vocational training and influence international and national policy choices that affect the development of skills for the manufacturing sector.

The combination of the members of the Alliance aims to encourage the creation of transnational and national TVET providers’ networks and partnerships to work together at national and European level and to improve the quality and efficiency of TVET.

The Alliance points to have an impact and relevance for learners and employers and to build cross-border cooperation for TVET quality and attractiveness. In the end, it fosters communication, dissemination and support for the implementation of the TVET policy agenda at EU and national level, with the aim to exchange knowledge, feedback and experience of policy implementation and the sharing of best practices on TVET excellence.

Download the presentation of the Alliance

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SECRETARIAT 21 September, 2019
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