ATG (Automated Technology Group) is UK based supply chain manufacturer which is a leading global supplier of control and power solutions for industrial automation. Its approach includes designing, installing and supporting dynamic solutions for power, automation and process control, through which it drives the production lines, supply chains and service delivery of many leading
ATG is a controls supplier for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). It works alongside the line builder to install robotic machinery, progam it and support it. As well as several sites in the UK, ATG has a new facility in Bratislava, Slovakia. This is ATG’s first operation to be set up outside the UK. The facility will be used as a base for engineers and project managers to support key projects in Slovakia and surrounding countries.

Engagement with the SKILLMAN project

ATG were involved with the SKILLMAN project from March 2016 when they attended the WP 1.4 Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing at Jaguar Land Rover’s Castle Bromwich plant where associated partners – in this case, members of Jaguar Land Rover’s supply chain – participated in a workshop to discuss and determine the skills challenges that they were experiencing in robotics and which they wanted to see addressed and managed in the course of the SKILLMAN project.
In the course of the piloting sessions, five of the company’s staff took part in the training sessions. They took part in the following courses: robot processes and functions, robot programming, PLC programming, Process Optimisation, Fault Finding & Recovery, Introduction to Stimulation Engineering, Machine Software Design Principles and Innovation in Automation.


Furquan Khan who is an apprentice robot engineer was interviewed before and after training. He explained very clearly that the piloting testing courses provided all of the information that he needed. He also highlighted the following: “The course provided all the information I needed to learn. It was 80% applicable to my job. The timing of the course was very appropriate to me. This course would benefit people in similar positions to me”.

He also added: “It was important for me to attend this course because it refreshes my understanding of the different aspects which may not be relevant to my specific job, but which play a key role in the industry and how effectively and easily I am able to do my job. I applied what I learned in the 2-4 weeks following closure of the course”.

Furquan felt all of the course was very relevant to his job as an apprentice robot engineer who installs and programs robots. He felt his organisation would benefit from the course being offered to others because it helps you come up with solutions more quickly and effectively execute them.

This case Study is evidenced by a video of Furquan Khan.

This case Study is evidenced by a video of Furquan Khan.

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SECRETARIAT 26 December, 2017
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