The Skillman Desk service is a useful platform that the Skillman Alliance has designed to support the implementation and dissemination of the relevant existing European tools and initiatives in the field of TVET.
Our service is crucial in the promotion and sharing (among a variety of international stakeholders) of detailed information about the tools, their benefits and how to access them. The aim of the Skillman Service Desk is to increase the awareness around these tools and to circulate updated information about new innovative solutions. All the EU tools are free of charge, they were conceived by the European Commission and finalized with the contribution and work of teams of experts in TVET and partner institutions.

Among them are SELFIE, Europass, VET toolkit for tackling early leaving, ECVET Toolkit, EQAVET, ESCO DB, VET Mobility Charters, the European Framework for quality and effective apprenticeships, European Alliance for Apprenticeships, Drop’pin@EURES, European Pact for Youth, EPALE etc.

On the Skillman Desk Service webpage, you will also be able to receive assistance through the live chat tool on any need you might have. Someone from the Skillman team will get back to you to assist with your enquiries.

Click the icon below to visit the page.

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SECRETARIAT 17 February, 2021
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