The Apulia CoVE focused on the theme of advanced manufacturing, one of the main S3 of the Apulia Region, was successfully held on March 17 and 18, 2022

The initiative is part of the Skillman network’s strategy to promote its CoVE model: a transnational platform, based on ethical and sustainability values, that fosters the meeting of skill ecosystems in the TVET sector with regional authorities both in Europe and beyond its borders.

The session on the first day was opened by the coordinator ITS CUCCOVILLO who explained to the participants the meaning and the opportunities arising from ITS and how they work both at the regional and national levels. 

The day was then focused on how ITS are able to effectively support companies in their search for qualified technicians to meet the challenges posed by innovation as well as on how this model feeds and improves synergies with the various regional stakeholders and the European specialization strategy.

These data were also confirmed by the 4.0 companies involved in the event that have stressed the importance of the training of technicians with a vision aligned with the European one. The day ended with a visit to the company MASMEC.

The day of March 18 began by providing participants with a European overview of ITS and the presentation of two European projects where the foundation is directly involved:

The morning continued with the active involvement of the participants who were invited to share their ideas from the study visit of the previous day in order to think about future collaborations and exchanges.

The experience, according to also to the participants, represented an impressive opportunity for real improvement in the advanced manufacturing sector. In particular, thanks to the learning by doing and the guidance of experts and colleagues, the participants were actively and profitably involved.

The coordinator of the initiative was ITS A. Cuccovillo Foundation, which covers the training offer of the 5th EQF level in the fields of mechanics/mechatronics. Two main partners were also involved in the event: FCA ITALY spa (WCM training & consultingDivision) and Arti (Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation of Apulia) and several associated partners (high schools, universities, business associations, companies, Apulia Region, and others).

In addition, participants who attended the event received Europass digital credentials, which describe all learning outcomes. These credentials are signed with an electronic seal, which means that participants will enjoy a legal presumption of authenticity throughout the EU, as well as equivalence to paper credentials containing the same information.

The Skillman Alliance would like to thank those who made the event possible, especially ITS CUCCOVILLO.

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SECRETARIAT 31 March, 2022
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