As a recurrent occasion, The Skillman Alliance will host again this year its Skillman International Forum (SIF) 2020, the online event on redefining the future of learning in the advanced manufacturing sector, on December 10-11, 2020.It is our great pleasure to officially invite you to the two-day online event, with a very rich agenda of international speakers that will take place in the form of webinars, workshops, roundtables, pavillions, award ceremonies and a VET cafè. Your active participation and support are very valuable to us, in the achievement of a successful event of meaningful engagement for the participants and to enrich the conference’s contents with your relevant expertise in the TVET field.The forum is a part of a long journey where the participants work together to achieve common goals aiming at improving education and TVET. The participants share a strong commitment to co-shaping an inclusive resilient and sustainable society, where TVET represents a pillar for innovation in curricula development and designing the “society of tomorrow”. All the Skillman Forums address “Curriculum design, Sectoral skills development and Ethical issues in the Advanced Manufacturing sector”.This year the Forum will adopt a holistic approach to the pandemic’s challenges to continue a concrete debate about the emerging Skills for Life and Jobs, the key skills that people have to possess to actively participate in society and for their employability.  One of the main focuses will deal with the role of VET systems in this process and with their capacity of being responsive. The themes for 2020 are set by the Forum Steering Committee as a continuation of the debate on:Skillman ‘action-driven’ model of CoVEs – Nature, characteristics and settings of the Centres of Vocational Excellence promoted by the Skillman Network for a green and inclusive ‘change game’’ in the advanced manufacturing and sectoral skills development.Curriculum design – Innovative curriculum design in the Advanced Manufacturing sector in coherence with ECVET – EQF framework and ESCO classification and in interconnection and coordination of actions and results with the existing EU tools and initiatives to anticipate and match skills and jobs.Ethical values, TVET digitalization, green and inclusion – Capacity building synergies and collaborations to connect the competencies necessary to the Advanced Manufacturing to the personal responsibility according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Transnational mobility and learning – Supporting the cooperation model of the Skillman network with innovative approaches and exchange of good practices in transnational mobility for education and employability.For more info, please visit the Skillman International Forum 2020 dedicated page.CONNECTIONS WITH PREVIOUS SIF EDITIONSSkillman started its first International Forum in 2015 in Turin @ CRF – FIAT FCA with around 60 participants.In 2016 the second event was planned in Brussels and cancelled due to the terrorist attack. The Forum was postponed to March 2017. Moved to Birmingham, in the Jaguar Land Rover premises, it was attended by around 150 participants plus around 100 viewers on live streaming.The official 2017 edition was instead held in November in San Sebastian with around seventy participants on site from 20 countries and more than 450 spectators on live streaming also from many countries outside the EU. In 2018 the forum was held online in November. The total participation surpassed 800 subscriptions. 453 of them, from 105 countries, joined the thematic webinars.In 2019 SIF was held in Florence Italy within DIDACTA fair involving more than 150 members coming from EU and not EU countries. The 2019 edition ended with the Florence Declaration: TVET FOR GREEN, SUSTAINABLE AND INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT IN RESPONSE TO THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, THE EMERGING NEEDS OF INDUSTRY 4.0 AND ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS ( 2020). Expected OutcomesDiscussing and analysing the main challenges faced by the Advanced Manufacturing sector regarding:Challenges and new approaches to design new innovative curricula during the pandemic.A systematic approach to skills foresight for curricula development.Design of novel curricula balancing Skills for Life and Skills for Work for full active citizenship of individuals.Advanced Manufacturing sector and responsibility according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Social innovation, societal impact, societal challenges and ethical issues.“Twin Transformation”, for a green, digital, smart and sustainable growth.OpportunitiesDiscussing relevant issues in Advanced Manufacturing in relation to TVET systems, public policies, research and good practices for knowledge sharing and mutual improvement.Keeping informed regarding publications and other relevant sources.Inquiring and sharing useful new ideas, materials, suggestions for professionals.Networking for international projects and cooperation with individual speed networking meetings and pitch presentations.Target participantsFrom Skillman members and from connected entities:Government officials working in education, industry development, innovation, finance, and planningTVET organisations, schools and universitiesIndustries and SMEsNGOs and civil society organizationsEmbassies and/or trade commissionersThink-tanks, institutes, academia, and centres of excellenceDevelopment partnersExperts and researchersKeywords#weloveskillsethicsindustry 4.0educationTVET inclusive growthgreen growthempowerfairdigitalpeaceequitableenvironmental sustainabilityCoVEs“Future Proof TVET”excellence
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SECRETARIAT 6 November, 2020
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