Dear Yasser,

We know that you are experienced in the air sector and that you are teacher in the TEC school.
We are very interested in the background of the contributors to Skillman, therefore we would like to know more about your professional history and experience. It would be very kind if you could answer the following questions:

May we ask where you got all your professional experience?

I have Ph.D. Engineering Science diploma, Speciality: Air-transport operation, from Ukraine, National Aviation University in Kiev in 1999.
2000-2013 I worked as teacher (academic staff) in the Aeronautical Engineering Dept., Mechanical engineering faculty, University of Aleppo – Syria.
During my work at university, I taught different disciplines in the area: Aircraft maintenance – Air-transport operation – Safety & Reliability engineering. And I supervised the graduating projects (thesis) for fifth year students- engineers.
In 2004 I completed the course for 3 months on” Development of aircraft maintenance methods” in Ukraine, at National Aviation University in Kiev.

We heard that you worked and lived in different countries. Which of them has influenced your professional experience the most, and why?

In Ukraine I studied as post-graduate researcher to get Ph.D. Engineering. During my research I got a good experience in the air-transport operation area. Ukraine has a good experience in aviation technology and manufacturing for a long time.
I worked in Syria, at University of Aleppo, Aeronautical Engineering Dept., Mechanical engineering faculty. During my work at university in our department, I participated in supervising of many seminars and research for Engineers and masters about different engineering area: Aircraft structures, Composites, Maintenance program (MSG – RCM), human factor, NDT,….

How did you come to Skillman? What is your main commitment to the project?

I am connected to the Skillman project through the Danish partner TEC, participating together with Thomas Nørup who is accountable manager in TEC Aviation department.
It’s very interesting to be involved in an European/international project like SKILLMAN, where it is obvious that competences and knowledge cross boarders in the profession and make one mobile in a career.
I have a good background in Composite materials, and Now I am working with the curriculum design (Specific thematic: Composite and lightweight materials ) in WP4 together with the partner Metropol University, and I have written reports about Vocational Education Training in Europe, and Composite materials in the advanced manufacturing to WP1.

What do you expect from Skillman? How will the Air-transport sector benefit by Skillman?

In Air-transport sector, the training and educational market is strictly regulated by the provisions and regulations by organisations EACA, ICAO, CAA.
The development in aviation technologies, and the trends in airplane fleet growth have and will continue to drive demand for more qualified aviation personnel, and many aviation businesses are struggling to attract and retain qualified personnel. The aviation industry is seeking solutions to address the challenges of building a highly-skilled workforce to support the rapid growth.
The main challenges in aviation personnel training are: train methods, attracting new talent and talent resources, and talent retaining methods.

The Sector Skill Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing in the Transport Sector can contribute in the development of requirements for training programs quality and qualifications of aviation personnel by providing state of the art solutions to competencies and skills needs for curriculum development (project thematic- Composite materials, robotics, wireless and industry) which embed the use of e-learning and ICT, and these solutions can used for creating the best educational and training programs possible for aviation personnel to match the skills needed in the industry market as well as personal competences.


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SECRETARIAT 16 June, 2016
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