The “Mobility Experts” hybrid event organized by the Skillman Alliance took place from February 7th to 10th, 2022 in Montecatini, Italy with participants coming from all over the world and participating virtually. 

The event was very much appreciated by all involved as it gave everyone the opportunity to be an active part of the organized activities. The “Mobility Experts” experience was an opportunity for the participants to contribute, individually or on behalf of their organizations, to improve the quality and accessibility of Erasmus plus mobility projects.

Specifically, through learning by doing and guidance from experts and peers, participants were able to put both their skills and motivation into practice, and enhance them. 

The initiative, indeed, was designed with the intent to help ‘Mobility Experts’ in learning, sharing, and working in an international environment based on networking and collaboration, allowing participants to build sustainable partnerships with peers, acquire concrete skills related to the design and management of a successful mobility project funded by the European Commission.

The participants, for the activities carried out during the three days of the event, received a Europass certificate with learning outcomes reported.

The success of the event is evidenced by the summary video below which shows some feedback from the different participants on the topics covered 

At the following link, you can access the event page where you can find four different sections (“MULTIMEDIA RESOURCES”) containing the whole videos with the presentations made during the different days with the possibility of access to the single video presentations.

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SECRETARIAT 24 March, 2022
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