On August 21, 2023, an esteemed delegation consisting of Giovanni Crisonà, President, and Torsten Kietz, Senior Advisor of, alongside Cloud Bayun from UK Naric and other distinguished members, convened in Guangdong, China. The purpose of this gathering was to engage with Pengfei Zhao, President of Guangdong Construction Polytechnic, as well as several managers and educators. The primary focus of the meeting was to explore potential avenues for collaboration, with specific emphasis on the promising opportunities presented by the initiative.

Guangdong Construction Polytechnic stands as a prominent institution in China renowned for its role in training construction professionals. The institution holds a keen interest in international certifications, standards, and recognition, and is notably adept in the domains of cultural heritage conservation and environmental protection. The institution boasts an impressive student body exceeding 20,000 and is steadfastly dedicated to harmonising Chinese educational standards with their international counterparts.

Members of are fervently championing the inclusion of Guangdong Construction Polytechnic as an associated partner within the Horizon Europe project, The institute’s ongoing involvement in benchmarking exercises is poised to transition toward the integration of digital credentials within the Skillman network.

The outcome of this meeting heralds a significant juncture in deepening the collaboration between and Guangdong Construction Polytechnic. The symbiotic relationship forged is poised to yield benefits for both entities, advancing the cultivation of skills within the crafts sector across Europe and China alike.

A Glimpse of Guangdong Construction Polytechnic

Founded in 1958, Guangdong Construction Polytechnic is a distinguished public higher education institution located in Guangzhou, China. Its venerable legacy renders it one of China’s oldest and most esteemed construction colleges. The institution offers a diverse array of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, spanning handcraft, construction engineering, architecture, and environmental preservation.

Noteworthy is the institution’s fervent commitment to global outreach. A robust tapestry of partnerships with universities and colleges worldwide has been woven, affording students the prospect of international study experiences. Additionally, the institute proudly aligns itself with international bodies such as the World Federation of Engineering Education Associations and the International Association for Architectural Education.

Insight into

Embedded within the framework of Horizon Europe, Tracks4Crafts is an ambitious project poised to enhance the economic and societal appreciation of traditional crafts. This objective is set to materialise through the development of novel tools and resources for the transmission of traditional craft knowledge, alongside the establishment of a network of European training centres catering to the crafts sector.

Under the able coordination of the University of Antwerp in Belgium, is a collaborative effort spanning multiple nations, including Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. The project’s projected duration extends until 2027, segmented into four distinct work packages:

  1. Mapping and Analysis of the Crafts Sector in Europe
  2. Development of New Tools and Resources for the Transmission of Traditional Crafts Knowledge
  3. Creation of a European Network of Training Centers for the Crafts Sector
  4. Dissemination and Impact of the Project Results

Each work package finds coordination under the aegis of different partners, with the University of Antwerp assuming the mantle of overall project coordination.

The union between and Guangdong Construction Polytechnic is poised to furnish a potent addition to the project. The institute’s prowess in cultural heritage preservation and environmental safeguarding offers a valuable contribution, while its extensive international experience will aid in disseminating the project’s outcomes across a global spectrum.

The anticipated synergy between these entities is anticipated to yield a mutually enriching partnership. The collaboration’s hallmark will lie in safeguarding traditional crafts and nurturing skills within the crafts sector, extending its influence to both Europe and China.

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SECRETARIAT 25 August, 2023
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