David Tsiskaridze, representing the International Business and Economic Development Centre (IBEDC) in Georgia, recently visited the Skillman Secretariat hosted by Centro Studi Cultura Sviluppo (CSCS) in Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy. The visit aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange and strengthen partnerships between the organisations.

Here are the key highlights of David’s onsite experiences:


Exchange of Best Practices:

During his visit, David had the opportunity to interact with CSCS and other Italian-based organisations, gaining valuable insights into best practices. These exchanges provided him with useful information and samples to implement in IBEDC’s activities.

Reinforcing Partnership through the Skillman.eu Platform:

David’s visit also focused on reinforcing the partnership between IBEDC and Skillman through the use of the new skillman.eu platform. He became the national coordinator for the Skillman network in Georgia, gaining access to member management tools and coordination resources.

Development of Strategic Plans and Business Activities:

Collaborating closely with CSCS, David worked on updating IBEDC’s organisation, strategy, and business plan. They also dedicated efforts to develop a strategic plan that aims to increase membership and enhance services. In addition, David explored new services for SMEs and start-ups in Georgia, such as collaboration projects and training programmes in areas like internationalisation and green initiatives.

Exploration of Local Institutions:

David had the opportunity to visit various local institutions, gaining insights and building connections for future collaborations. One notable visit was to the Pistoia Nursery Campus, where with Mr. Giovanni Crisonà, Head of CSCS, met the Director Andrea Massaini. The Nursery Campus offers a unique educational environment that combines nature, experience, and technology. David and Mr. Crisonà discussed potential cooperation within projects.

Engagement with Entrepreneurs and Stakeholders:

Throughout his visit, David engaged in meetings with Italian entrepreneurs, learners, and stakeholders. He visited Additati@Partners Consulting S.r.l., a business management consulting company, where he learned about their mission, vision, and consulting activities. Additionally, he had a meeting with the management of Salumificio F.lli Conti, a butcher company, to understand their products and technologies.

Collaborations in Pisa:

David had a significant meeting with the management of CNA in Pisa (National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises). CNA is the largest association of artisans and small and medium-sized enterprises in the area. Namely, I had opportunity to meet with vice director Ms.Barbara Carli. The meeting explored potential cooperation for matchmaking SMEs between the Tuscany region and Georgia. In addition to his visit to CNA in Pisa, David also had a meeting with Carla Sabatini of Netkey in Santacroce Sull’arno, Pisa. During this meeting, they discussed potential collaboration and project opportunities in the IT sector. Their conversation aimed to explore avenues for partnership between Georgian and Italian SMEs, further expanding the matchmaking possibilities between the Tuscany region and Georgia.

Emphasis on Innovation and Digitalisation:
One of the main focuses of David’s visit was to learn about innovative services and working processes in Italian organisations and companies. This exploration aimed to enhance IBEDC’s approach to innovation and digitalisation.

Collaboration and Agreements:
During his visit, David participated in discussions and negotiations with various Italian organisations and members of the international Skillman board. These interactions led to the drafting of agreements and plans for cross-border bilateral cooperation. They also focused on specific areas like sustainability, digitalisation, and new funding schemes.

Memorandum of Understanding and Skillman Leadership:
To solidify the partnership between IBEDC and Skillman, David signed a Memorandum of Understanding. He played a key role in drafting a strategic plan for IBEDC’s leadership as the national coordinator of the skillman.eu network.

Skills Acquired:
Through his experience at the Skillman Secretariat, David acquired valuable skills in knowledge exchange, partnership development, strategic planning, member management, collaboration, and international cooperation. He also developed a deep understanding of best practices in various sectors and gained insights into innovative approaches to business development and digitalisation.

David Tsiskaridze’s visit to the Skillman Secretariat in Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy, proved to be a fruitful experience, fostering collaboration, developing strategic plans, and expanding IBEDC’s services. The knowledge shared and experiences gained during this onsite visit will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of IBEDC in the coming years.

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SECRETARIAT 23 July, 2023
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