Skillman, the worldwide network for skills in advanced manufacturing, currently present in over 95 countries with more than 650 members, leads an annual debate marked by two recursive milestones, such as the Skillman International Forum and, from April 2022, the Alliance Summit.
The events are organised in collaboration with the European Training Foundation and with key support from other international organisations that are also members of the Skillman Alliance.
Nearly 30 delegates meet each year in Florence, Italy, to leverage and follow up on the results achieved through the last Skillman International Forum and to set the vision of the alliance that the next Forum will draw upon to redefine the future of learning in advanced manufacturing.
Participants share a strong commitment to co-designing an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable society, where TVET is a pillar for innovation in curriculum development and for designing the “society of tomorrow“.

During the event, an Alliance statement is drafted to flesh out the results that emerge.
The work programme is always an intense calendar of activities that include keynote presentations, meetings and focus groups, teamwork, experiments, virtual reality tests, design of ideas, concepts, strategies, music, and relaxing occasions.
The Villa where Skillman hosts his guests is a top-quality Relais immersed in the heart of Tuscany surrounded by an estate of tall cypress trees, standing guard over vineyards and olive groves, reminiscent of landscapes seen in Tuscan Renaissance paintings.
Nearby are many lovely Tuscan towns like Siena, San Gimignano, and of course Florence.
Delegates can enjoy a relaxing stay or take easy day trips to take in the art, flavors and fragrances of one of the most famous regions in the world known for its fine wines and olive oil, Chianti.
The Villa offers time to relax with a dip in the pool or a drink in the rose garden before being treated to a candlelight dinner of local specialties in the restaurant. 

A Moodle platform was already created to sign up for the Alliance Summit 2023. Reserve your seat!


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SECRETARIAT 13 September, 2022
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