Overall, the conference aims to create a platform for participants to engage in discussions, share expertise, and contribute to redefining the role of networks in skills development, with a focus on future-oriented approaches and the changing landscape of learning.

Future Skills Demands

The conference acknowledges the changing nature of skills demands in future societies. It discusses the role of microcredentials and the importance of responding to new emerging skills demands through innovative approaches.

Green and Digital Transition

The conference highlights the significance of green and digital transitions in vocational education and training. It examines how digitalization and greening, along with sustainability, can be integrated into skill development practices.

Social Inclusion and Excellence

The conference recognizes the need for social inclusion and excellence for all individuals in lifelong learning. It explores strategies and initiatives to ensure that skills development is inclusive and provides equal opportunities for all.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The conference focuses on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in vocational education and training. It explores how these elements can drive skill development and prepare individuals for future challenges and opportunities.